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International Youth Work

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine.


Lagmore Youth Project was founded in 2019, just a matter of months before the Covid-19 pandemic, and throughout our delivery and programmes we had always strived to introduce an international opportunity element for our young people, as we believe international exposure allows our young people to read the different pages as outlined above and provides a healthy challenge for our participants development - for independence, maturity and growth.


Berlin 2022

As our first trip it came with its unique challenges namely not having a “guide” to follow step by step but we hit the ground running and got on with it. The young people you hear from below all went through an application and interview process to secure their place on the programme and met regularly for 3-4 months in advance and 1 month post-trip focusing on fundraising, advanced learning, goal setting, independent study alongside team building.

Berlin 2022 was a great success and exceeded our expectations for our first international programme as an organisation. We have seen young people grow, relationships form and knowledge increased on the topic of conflict, peacebuilding and leadership. We would like to extend our thanks to all of our sponsors, funders, parents, donators, LYP staff and volunteers, LYP Management Committee and finally, the young people who dedicated their time to learn and challenge themselves in an effort which will support and develop their community.

This may have been our first International programme however we hope it will not be our last. The opportunity these programmes offer our young people is unique and unmeasurable and pays dividends in growth and development. Thank you!

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